2016 DCA National Meet was held December 10, 2016 @ Cape Fear Poultry Association Show in Smithfield, NC. All Dominiques were judged by Paul Gilroy of MD. Other judges of the show were Rip Stalvey (FL) and Tom Roebuck (VA)







26 LF, 12 Bantam – 6 exhibitors and multiple Dominique supporters & enthusiasts!!






Cocks (1): Vince Cooper
Hens (4): Suzette Ellington, John Womack, Carolyn Lynn
Cockerels (9): John W., John W., Suzette E., Vince C., Vince C.
Pullets (12): Vince C., John W., John W., Renee Gosselin, Vince C.

BANTAM RESULTS: John Womack owned all bantams exhibited
Cocks (1) Hens (4) Cockerels (1) Pullets (6) – BB was a hen, RB was the cock.

Best of Breed, Champion American, Reserve Large Fowl of Show:
Vince Cooper, pullet






Reserve of Breed, Suzette Ellington – hen








1st Cockerel, John Womack