DCA Juniors

Mentorship Program (To Be Announced!)

Scholarship Program

It is with the greatest honor that we share this exciting news…

The Mark Fields & Janice James Legacy Scholarship has been officially created in honor of two of our greatest by vote of the DCA Executive Board. 

Janice and Mark sought to always support and mentor our DCA juniors and what better way then to continue to support them into adulthood with this $500 Scholarship. 

The criteria and application for this yearly Scholarship will be listed here in future weeks. This scholarship will be awarded to graduating seniors and/or college freshman. 

Donor Note:

In memory of Mark Fields “for his dedicated mentorship and kindness to Cathrynn at the very start of her Dominique journey.”

In memory of Janice James “In memory of Janice James, a great mentor and friend.” 

In memory of Mark Fields and “his love of the Dominique and the Juniors.”