Fred Farthing next to buff bird
Fred Farthing

Here are the complete year end points for 2023.

Congratulations to all and thank you for showing your beautiful Dominiques!

2023 Final Point Standings

Large Fowl OpenPoints
Shane Manuel215
Tammy Newlin79
Mike Stichler38
Teddy Boles36
Norman Tillotson32
Steve/Joy Lucas25
Emmett Wild(tie) 24
Brian Justice(tie) 24
Mary Kimura14
Jill Raymer11
Jim Ward8
Travis Morris6
Taylor Fischer2
Rachel Harding(tie) 1
Tiffany Gardner(tie) 1
Bantam OpenPoints
Brian Justice40
Tammy Newlin32
Brett Thompson28
Jill Raymer26
Mike Stichler18
Mary Kimura15
Chloe Hager10
Norman Tillotson8
Hannah Thomas5
Scott Latta3
Donald Barger1
Mark Fields w/ DCA Juniors
Mark Fields w/ DCA Juniors
Junior Large FowlPoints
Cathrynn Hager76
Isaac Lust64
Madisyn Suess20
Travis Morris2
Junior BantamPoints
Chloe Hager42
Hannah Thomas33
Nicholas Leonard 6
Cathrynn Hager1
Janice James w/ her Dominique Bantam
Janice James w/ her Dominique Bantam

MASTER EXHIBITOR – Exhibitor Point System

Quite a number years ago the Dominique Club of America established the Master Breeder Award. This award was to be given to those individuals whose accomplishments in the showroom demonstrated their ability to consistently produce show-worthy stock.

David Hyman holding male Dominique
David Hyman

The award criteria was debated at length. One goal was to make sure that the breeder’s stock could withstand the scrutiny of more than local judges. Too many other clubs allowed their prestigious awards be diluted when it was possible for a breeder to only show locally and yet attain the club’s top award. Roger and Carol Voter were adamant that this not happen in the Dominique Club.

Likewise it was imperative that the calculation take into account the depth of competition. Winning Best of Breed against yourself is nowhere near as prestigious as winning against multiple other exhibitors.

In order to further its goal of protecting and promoting the Dominique breed of chicken and to encourage its members to achieve high levels of proficiency in breeding Dominiques, the Dominique Club of America provides appropriate recognition to any Club member who qualifies for the award of Master Breeder, Large Dominique or Master Breeder, Bantam Dominique.

Mr. & Mrs Ralph Brazelton and Carol Voter
Mr. & Mrs Ralph Brazelton and Carol Voter

To qualify for either award a member must have earned at least 30 points per year, in showing either category of Dominiques (large fowl or bantam, not combined) during six calendar years over a period of up to twelve years. Each year with 30 points shall be called a “qualifying year”.

These same points are tallied on a calendar year basis to recognize and award those members who have the highest exhibitor point totals for each year in Large Fowl and Bantam Dominiques.