Welcome to the Dominique Club of America!

DCA National Meet
Central Coast Feather Fanciers
Paso Robles, California
December 7, 2024
2024 Regional Meets
March - Cascade Spring Show - WA
Oct - Rocky Mt Feather Fanciers - CO
Oct - Dayton Fancy Feather - OH
Nov - NSPA Show - NE
Dec - OSP Federation - OK
Dec - Dixie Classic - TN

Our Purpose:

To increase interest in and to help preserve Dominique large and bantam chickens, the Dominique Club of America was founded in early November, 1973, at Columbus during the Ohio National Show. Since then the Club has grown well and the number of people keeping, breeding and showing Dominiques has increased significantly. Dominique Club activities include publishing the Dominique News, offering awards for Dominique winners at shows and holding an annual meet, at which friendly competition, fellowship and an exchange of ideas and suggestions are encouraged.

The Club also provides a central point for information on sources of Dominiques for new members as well as for breeding stock for those working on their own strains. The Club is active in searching out and assembling historical information on Dominiques.

The Club provides tangible recognition, including a Member of the Year Award, for the member making the most notable contribution to Dominiques in that year; and a Dominique Breeders’ Hall of Fame, for those who have made a significant contribution toward preserving the Dominique breed. It also offers a Master Breeder Award, which members can earn by successful breeding and showing of large or bantam Dominiques.

Dominiques On Social Media:

All members are welcome to come and join the official group page of the Dominique Club of America on Facebook. This has become a very active group with lots of discussion about our birds, photos, and communication about upcoming events. Also, there is another group on Facebook for all enthusiasts of the breed (club members and non-members alike) American Dominique Chickens.

More information on Dominiques:

Mark Fields, long-time Dominique promoter created a website that contains quite a bit of information on the Dominique, its traits, history and folklore.  Visit The American Dominique website.