National Meet

2023 National Dinner and Meeting

2023 national meeting photo

Back Row: L to R
Jim Ward, Shane Manuel, Mike Stichler, Teddy Boles, Travis Morris, Scott Latta, Tammy Groleau, Brian Justice, Joy Lucas, Steve Lucas, Kenzie Hager, Emmett Wild 
Front Row: L to R
Sarah Yearling, Tina Augenstein-Lust, Lilian Wright, Ashley Latta, Jill Raymer, Rachel Harding, Mary Kimura, Emily Normington, Chloe Hager, and Cathrynn Hager laying on the floor. 

This will be the rotational schedule for the Regional Host for the DCA National meet until it needs mending in the future:

2019- Southern/Central
2020- Eastern
2021- Western
2022- Northeastern

This schedule was determined mostly on the rotation since 2010, about the time the club revitalized:

2010 – Central (Missouri)
2011 – NE (Indiana)
2012 – South (Oklahoma)
2013 – West (California)
2014 – NE (Massachusetts)
2015 – South (Oklahoma)
2016 – Eastern (North Carolina)
2017 – Western (California)
2018 – Northeastern (Ohio)