From left to right: Ethan Close, Melody Hobbs, Sam Brush, Madi Fowler, Fred Farthing, Judy Farthing, Melissa Nouka, and Rebecca Fowler Letourneau.

The 2012 National was held at the Oklahoma Poultry Federation Show (“Shawnee”) in Shawnee, Oklahoma on December 8th and 9th. In attendance were several members (and a few non-members) of the Dominique Club of America. There were some outstanding Dominiques shown and Dominiques took Reserve American in both the open and youth shows!

Open Class: Best of Breed and Reserve Champion American was a Hen shown by Fred Farthing. Reserve of Breed was a Cockerel shown by Fred Farthing. In the bantams Fred also took Best and Reserve of Breed. There were two Juniors showing in the youth show, both with large fowl, with Madi Fowler taking Best of Breed, and Reserve Champion American with her pullet! Mr. Ethan Close, also a Junior, was at his first poultry show and I am told had a very nice pullet as well.