Interpreting the Dominique Standard
By Mark Fields

APA Standard of Perfection
APA Dominique Standard of Perfection (PDF)

Backyard Poultry
Article published in “Backyard Poultry”, Dec 2007/Jan 2008

Dominique History
Written in 1945 by Mr. Ed Uber, distinguished Dominique breeder

History of Dominique Chickens
About the breed, near extinction, and rescue by a handful of dedicated breeders

Gurney Davis Speaks
DCA Past President speaks on the importance of each aspect of Dominique breeding, showing, and preservation

Relative Popularity
Mark Fields discusses the breed’s popularity from 1840-2000s

Origin and History
Mark Fields writes about some of the earliest references to the Dominique

Toe Punch Chart
Useful tool to mark your birds via toe punch method (PDF)

Newsletter Index to Breeding Dominiques
April/May 1989 DCA Newsletter index on breeding